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I’m Justin MASSIOT, an electronic and embedded software engineer. I live in France near Paris. Check my detailed profile if you want to know more about me.

I work on the elaboration of electronic products, from components evaluation to system production and on-site integration. In my job and spare time I have the chance to design mixed signal Printed Circuit Boards, to architecture and develop the content of some FPGA integrated circuits, to write some code for computer programs and even to administrate some Linux computers and servers.
I now own my company Zentek with which I help my customers to be successful in developing their high-tech products.

Probably like every engineers, I hate spending time on repetitive tasks but love innovation and bringing new ideas to life. To be more productive and concentrate on creation I have developed an obsessive need to script and automate everything I can. This is very common for IT maintainers but not so widespread in the Hardware industry and that’s essentially why I started this blog.
I’m pretty sure we, as Hardware designers, can take some ideas from the software development habits. Our tools are not 100% ready for that yet and we need to do a manual work of customization and integration. I don’t pretend to give some fully functional and professional solutions, but at least some clues and starting points to build your own “performance enhanced” way of work.

I hope you would enjoy automating as mush as I do! I encourage you to contribute in the comments and share what you find useful.