Opening of the website

Hi there! You’re currently reading the opening, and thus very first post of my website.

I have started this blog to share my ideas and experiments on the (automation) design tools and techniques that I use in my work. It’s all about hardware electronics and its associated mechanics, programmable circuits and software development, digital electronic systems and embedded platforms. This website is intended for design engineers, DevOps, project or department managers, system administrators as well as for hobbyists and enthusiast makers.

My hope is to help you improve your performance at work and increase the overall quality by using the right tools at the right moment, always with automation in mind. Then you could concentrate on innovation and creativity. I would try to provide you some valuable content with ready-to-use examples (if possible and applicable) in order for you to integrate them quickly in your design environment and ecosystem.

Enjoy reading and keep up designing and making wonderful things!

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